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In Honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Reclaiming and celebrating AAPI identity through art, culture and community.



The AAPI Culture Fest serves to foster connection, dialogue, and celebration. Join as we unite to honor the stories, struggles, and triumphs of the AAPI community. Together, we will reclaim our narratives, honor our heritage, and embrace the diversity that truly defines us.


Saturday, May 11th, 2024

10 am - 4 pm


McNichols Civic Center Building

144 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80202

Event Parking

Reserve your discounted parking for AAPI Culture Fest provided by LAZ Parking here.

Event Highlight

AAPI Art Exhibition

Step into the gallery and immerse yourself in the world of AAPI artistry, where artists explore themes of identity, belonging, and cultural pride. Our exhibit, themed "Reclaiming and Celebrating AAPI Identity," showcases a diverse array of artworks, sculptures, textiles, and crafts, each resonating with the richness of AAPI culture. From traditional garments paying homage to centuries-old traditions to modern interpretations of heritage, the gallery celebrates our community's heritage and creativity. Join us in exploring the ongoing journey of reclaiming narratives and embracing cultural pride at this captivating showcase.

Presented By


Asian American Pacific Islander Commision


Civic Center Conservancy


The Colorado Health Foundation


Bonfils Stanton Foundation




Media Coverage by Denver7 

Event Highlight

Marketplace & Resource Hub

At the heart of our AAPI Culture Event lies the Community Hub, a vibrant cultural marketplace where visitors can immerse themselves in the diverse cultures of Denver's AAPI communities. Explore a mosaic of traditions from Vietnamese, Hmong, Filipino, Korean, Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Pacific Islander cultures. Connect with AAPI businesses and non-profit organizations, and engage with members of various communities, from "Chinatown" to "K-Town."

It is your right to access oral or written language assistance, sign language interpretation, real-time captioning via CART, or disability-related accommodations. To request any of these services at no cost to you, please contact with three business days’ notice.

Event Highlight

Taste of Tradition: AAPI Food Truck Feast

Indulge in AAPI culinary delights from various local food trucks, each offering traditional flavors and diverse cuisines. Showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the AAPI communities in Denver.

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